Since ancient times, stone has inspired humans to build magnificent structures and humble works. Its durable nature and near endless availability allowed for entire civilizations to be built with stone. Stone has its roots in the very foundations of the earth and has been refined by wind, water and time since the dawn of creation. These special characteristics of stone still echo the grandness of God’s design, declaring his permanence to all people.

We have found a way to bring stones hidden beauty to light through a passionate application of original designs. From landscape to architecture, stone has the potential to transform any space into a timeless piece of art. Each project starts with a rare focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients. We hope that every opportunity is a chance for us to see our client fully pleased with the entire process, from design to completion. We work hard to see that each design meets challenges and obstacles with care, ensuring a magnificent experience.

With our old world approach to building, coupled with a passion for creative stonework and fresh design, we believe that bringing people incredible stone building projects is still for today. Our work disciplines and passion go into every project regardless of scale. We hope to establish lasting working relationships and continue to be approachable to all. Our secret is simple, we build as if we were building it for the Lord.